“His work has produced a kind of ‘prophetic sign’, pointing to new possibilities for the global human community…”

Meet Jean Vanier

Association Jean Vanier

Jean Vanier is a philosopher, writer, religious and moral leader and the founder of two major international community-based organizations, L’Arche and Faith and Light, that exist for people with intellectual disabilities. The 154 L’Arche communities in 38 countries and 1,450 Faith and Light communities in 83 countries are living laboratories of human transformation. In and outside of these organizations, Jean has spent more than four decades as a deeply radical advocate for the poor and the weak in our society. He invites us to recognize the profound gifts and lessons that people who have been rejected by society can offer when they are properly supported and included.

The testimonials describe this visionary man as an advocate for humanity shaped by his commitment to marginalized people. With the foundation of L’Arche, as well as Faith and Light with Marie-Hélène Mathieu, he carried out a Copernican revolution, becoming a bearer of peace. This singular man was transformed by relationship with people with intellectual disabilities. He’s also depicted as a man of compassion and a man of letters.