Conferences and presentations

Major Superiors of Religious Orders, Toronto, Canada, 1969

Empire Club of Canada, Toronto, Canada, 1971

Conference with Mother Teresa, Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada, 1971

Colloque sur lenfance inadaptée, Alger, Algeria, 1973

Colloque Réinsertion sociale La croisée des chemins, University of Ottawa, Canada,1974

General meeting of the International Conference on Social Welfare, Nairobi, Kenya, 1974

Conference “In weakness seeds of hope”, Washington DC, United States, 1977

University of Saida, Lebanon, 1980

General Assembly of the World Council of Churches, 1983

Invitation of Pope Shenouda III of the Orthodox Coptic Church, Egypt, 1983

Harvard University, United States, 1988

Moscow Institute of Philosophy, Russia, 1989

Institute of Orthodox Theology, Bucarest, Romania, 1992

Harvard University, “From Brokenness to Community”, Boston, United States, 1992

World Congress of Ecclesiastical Movements, “The Spirituality of L’Arche”, Rome, Italy, 1998

Lambeth Conference, “The call to holiness”, talk to 800 Anglican Bishops, Cantebury, UK, 1998

Massey Lectures, Radio Canada, “Becoming Human”, 1998

World Youth Day address, Toronto, Canada, 2002

Les États Généraux du Handicap, comité Kristeva, Paris, France, May 2005

World Youth Day address, Cologne, Germany, 2005

Conference with Dr. Balfour Mount, “Voyage towards a personal and social transformation”, Ottawa, Canada, 2006

Conference at Lent with Axel Khan, “To be different”, Paris, France, March 2006

La Cité de la réussite, Round Table with Boris Cyrulnik, La Sorbonne, Paris, October 2006

Templeton Fondation, Humble Approach Initiative Symposium, Trosly, France, 2007

49th International Eucharistic Congress, Quebec City, Canada, 2008

La Cité de la Réussite, Round Table with Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, Marcel Rufo, Senate, April 2008

Colloque Fragilités interdites, “Advocating for the Right to be Vulnerable”, University of the Social Sciences, Toulouse, France, 2009

Blackfriars Priory School, “The long Road to Freedom”, Oxford, UK, January 2011

Unesco, “The Thirst for Peace”, Paris, France, 2011

Colloque Fragilités interdites, “All Vulnerable, All Human!”, Lyon, France, 2011

Talk for the priests of the diocese of Rome, 2012

Grandes conférences catholiques, “What Hope for Peace?”, Brussels, Belgium, 2013

“Fragility, a liability or a strength?”, Strasbourg, France, 2013

Colloque Fragilités interdites, “Fragile! and yet so much strength!”, Nantes, France, 2013

UNESCO, “Listening to my inner voice”, Paris, France, 2014

UNESCO, “To Live Together”, Paris, France, 2015

House of Lords, “Why do the strong need the weak?”, London, UK, 2015

British Academy, “Transforming our hearts”, Templeton Prize Announcement, London, UK, 2015