Jim Cargin
Bruxelles, Belgium

The first time I met Jean Vanier was at a L'Arche retreat one April in the UK. I was on the point of leaving my community in Inverness, Scotland, after 6 years, to help get a new L'Arche community going in Wales. Naturally, a sad time. 'Will Cathol and my other friends with a disability remember me after I had left Inverness?' was my question to Jean. 'They will never forget you,' he replied, and went on, 'but you are responsible for maintaining the relationship... for they are not going to writing or picking up a phone or catching a train. So that is for you to do.' A response that only comes with long and realistic experience. And then he asked me, 'are you a man of prayer?' 25 years later...the ripples are still rippling, the question still sinkiing. It is so refreshing to have a founder of L'Arche who says somewhere that he is not much good at reciting prayers, that for him 'prayer is friendship'. That alone deserves some sort of prize! Thanks for getting this site moving, a great way for our world to become that bit more human. The photo is with Cathol Sutherland, a disciple unlike anything the world had yet seen, to the very last blast of his bagpipes. One of Jean's friends.