Mary Ann Bunkowsky
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

I have two beautiful sons one with fetal alcohol syndrome and one with autism spectrum disorder (suspected prenatal alcohol exposure). I am co-chair of a support group for parents/caregivers. As my husband and I entered this journey of parenting children with FASD/ASD we are not only concerned for them but for all children and adults who struggle socially. We see the beauty God has given our children and we also witness daily how others often only see the behaviours. As we live with their struggles our concerns increase not only for our children but for all peopled affected by prenatal alcohol exposure, Autism, trauma and attachment disorder. We have learned that FASD can be an invisible disability and that it is suspected that many individuals in Canadian jails have FASD. There is also a number in children in foster care with FASD. Our homeless population is also comprised of many individuals with FASD. FASD often goes undiagnosed but not unpunished. Jean Vanier is an inspiration to me!

Thank you,

Mary Ann