John Wells
London, Canada

In 1967, a friend of ours was going to begin work at Daybreak, Richmond Hill. She was full of enthusiasm, and led me to read more on this man Jean Vanier. He presented a vision of community, of relationships, that was just fascinating. Our friend told of the need for more people at Daybreak, I was so tempted, but with three children and a stay-at-home wife, and a good paying job as a teacher, there was just no way.Then in 1972, I was invited to a gathering of Metro teachers whose guest speaker was Jean. I went and was so pleased to sit down with him for a short time. Over the years following I was so pleased to read about the growth of L'Arche across the world.We returned home in 1980 to live in London, Ontario and continued to devour any news of L'Arche and Jean Vanier. Twenty years later I heard of the founding of L'Arche London, and soon started reading their newsletter, and sending small amounts of money to help them.In 2005, I was invited to sit on the London board, and to really get to know the people of L'Arche London. They have brought so much joy into my life. It is such a privilege share in theirs.