Carolyn K Davis
Kirkland, Quebec, H9H 4B5, Canada

Dear Jean and Others,

I have lived for nearly 60 years with some degree of depression, at first very severe - but slowly, very slowly improving over all the years. This degree of depression and loneliness have made me look at aspects of ordinary society and culture with a jaundiced eye.For example, I find many, perhaps most, comedians are often offensive in the things they say to make people laugh. And most of their audiences look well on them. What does this say about the general sense of humour in our culture? It contains a lot of harm. Jean has been an inspiration to me. I have often felt so despairing of myself - having such low self-esteem. And often living with such terrible loneliness.

My depression and a few other psychological symptoms were evidently visible to others, and even though I was associating with church people, mainly, I was treated with unkindness.It helped me to know about Jean and that he was there - at Trosly Brueil, carrying on with L'Arche and all the L'Arche people. WONDERFUL! I extrapolated, and told myself that if Jean could champion intellectually impaired people - not only champion them, but love them - then I was not totally alone,either.I see by the headline that you, Jean, have been awarded the Templeton Prize.

Congratulations! Blessings - best wishes to all.

Carolyn Davis.