My first memories of encountering Jean Vanier date back to the early 70ís when M. Vanier would come each year to give a series of talks at St. Michaelís College at the University of Toronto. After hearing the first one in the series of talks, I was completely overtaken by the intensity, sincerity and deep humility that emanated from M. Vanier. Sitting in the audience, awaiting his arrival in the lecture hall, I was acutely aware of the palpable sense of anticipation. It was clear from the moment M. Vanier entered the lecture room that we were all in the presence of a profoundly spiritual human being. After hearing one of M. Vanierís talks, I had to come again and again. His capacity to call me to attend to an inner life, to issues of social justice for all, and to challenge myself to be fully human have shaped my adult life.