Detroit, USA


Just listened to an old interview (the program On Being) aired on a local PBS radio station. The interviewer called you a "living saint", but we are only human filled with the usual emotions including some of the less desirable emotions and mental tortures at times, so as a human, a "messenger of God" would be an apt title.

The beauty of your trust in God, your fellow man, combined with your firm realization of reality of human frailty is refreshing. We all deserved to be unconditionally loved (in the sense of someone caring about your feelings, person, and well being) by one another, as is taught by many religions. We all crave acceptance from our community, regardless of our socially designated labels.

Each day, the blessed wonders of the different people who pass through the path of my existence teaches love, tolerance, and the amazing wonder of differences and harmony of dichotomies. Some people who are the seeming picture perfect examples of life, fail utterly as human beings, due to their lack of trust in God and their fear of loving. Other wonder people, may be "limited", or "disabled" in some manner, but the depth of their heart, trust in God, and their joy in life make them more human than their "normal" counterparts, and their lack of fear of showing love makes them the most astoundingly beautiful children of God. If everyone was the same, then it would be a grey and boring world. No one person is greater or better than another, and each person is worthy of our love just because God gifted us with their presence.