Richard Everett
Guildford, UK

Dear Jean,

Alongside my work as a playwright and screenwriter, over the last 5 years I have run a weekly drama workshop with the L'Arche community in Bognor. And every week I return home completely exhausted and yet truly touched by the humour and warmth and insights of the members of my group - and always asking myself the same simple question: "Who is the really one with 'special needs' here?" My group have become my friends and and my mentors, I am indebted to them.Over the years, we have produced little showcases and Christmas pantomimes, but most especially some short films and one in particular called 'The Most Important Person in the World' which I would very much like you to see. It is based on a series of workshops we did exploring the question: 'What does it mean to be important?' - the Queen was important, they felt, and James Bond and a host of other celebrities. But who was 'important' to them, I asked, and who were they 'important' to?

This short 8 minute film is based on their ideas which I simply scripted and shot. I would dearly love you to see it for two special reasons. Firstly, it pays tribute to the late and saintly Henri Nouwen whose life and work has been an inspiration to me over many years. Secondly it is a 'thank you' to you for your vision. I hope you see it, and are heartened by it, as I was in making it.

And thank you again.

Here is the link:

With very best wishes and much gratitudeRichard Everett