Donna Pioli
Stanwood, USA

I met Jean on a retreat in the 1980s. Part of the retreat was we could sign up for 20 min. alone with Jean. I signed up. I can't remember what I asked him but I do remember what his first words were to me. "What happened to your arm?" My arm was in a sling from surgery. I thought he was so real, asking me that question. The rest of our talk just flew by and I was just so comfortable. I thought I felt like the disciples did when they were with Jesus. I could sense Jesus in Jean. I also saw him several more times at L'Arche in Seattle, Wa. I was a volunteer there and on the Board of Directors. He was one of us all. I asked him if I could write to him. Of course he said yes. I did and each letter from him sounded like he knew me so well. I doubt he remembered meBut Jean knows people. Unfortunately, I lost his letters. Jean is a holy man.