John Tynan
Near Paris France

I enjoyed very much listening to your interview on the BBC yesterday morning, so much so that I decided to have a browse through your site. I am originally from N. Ireland and so I was interested to see that you had a connection with the country through the Restoration Ministries under the direction of Dr Ruth Pattereson.I surfed on through her site to see that she had been involved in conflict resolution, as had my niece Dr Barbara McCabe, a university lecturer. I sent a mail to Dr Patterson informing her that she probably knew my niece who had been a sometime spokesperson for the women's movement in Ulster and had lectured on conflict resolution in many countries - but also that she was seriously ill with a brain tumour in hospital.In fact Barbara passed away at 8am this morning.I mentionned to my sister, Barbara's mother that I had had this contact with Dr Patterson (who was praying for us) and she, my sister, was able to tell me that Dr Patterson had been the minister at my late mother's church earlier in her career.It's a small world but it is thanks to you that this connection was made.Congratulations on your Templeton prize win. We have Templeton funded science and religion series of studies at our Church ( and have had another Templeton prize winner speak: Holmes Rollston III. Like you, he gave away his prize but he said that it was nice to be a millionaire for 6 hours...!!