I met Jean when I was a student. It was 1985, Poland was a communist country. At the meeting with Jean somebody asked about Polish L’Arche community. “Where is it? Jean said that Herod also may be interested in finding out where it is. But the Three Kings when asked said nothing and went on another route to protect the Child. Sometimes we must be like those Three Kings.” (Polish L’Arche community was d in 1981 and remained hidden for many years.)And there was another question: “What advice would you give to a couple who is blind? Is it all right for them to have a child, who will certainly be blind? Jean has said that there are many people who are not physically blind, but still can not see. Who has bigger disability?” Hearing this I decided to follow him wherever he is in Poland. I listened to his lectures and inhaled vision of God who comes to us as somebody in need, as to Samaritan woman. Understanding that I should not be afraid of my own weaknesses, mistakes, emptiness gave me deep peace. Finally I spend almost 4 years in L’Arche Liverpool and try to support L’Arche since.