Marilyn Alfano

I am a mother of 6 who had seen several poignant interviews of Jean Vanier and have been touched by his words. I used to read to the children from many of his story books like "Walk with Jesus," much prior to even knowing who he was, and his words always took me to that place of "stillness." I am currently reading Kathryn Spink's book "The Miracle, the Message, the Story. It is so powerfully rich and revealing of the interwoven relationships between Jean, Pere Thomas and the several, necessary others whom God strategically placed at the right place and at the right time in Jean Vanier's life. There's something about his story that I so desperately want to be a part of mine...but not sure how or when...until then I keep going towards the message of Jean Vanier...layers and layers of truth.I thank God for all that he's gone through and done.