Dear Jean,

Heard, felt, lived and many many more about you, since last 15 years. Today while surfing internet about the topic on "Relationship", noticed this website, really its wonderful. I am totally inspired by your work . Now feeling worthy of myself being able to communicate with you through this window.yours truly,

Abhra Mukherjee H/o Subrata Mukherjee (Community leader of Kolkata Asha Niketan FMR India)


Patty Dolinsky
Barstow, California, USA

I love you Jean Vanier. You're a true inspiration and a "Phenomenal" human being. God Bless You..

Mary Ann Bunkowsky
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

I have two beautiful sons one with fetal alcohol syndrome and one with autism spectrum disorder (suspected prenatal alcohol exposure). I am co-chair of a support group for parents/caregivers. As my husband and I entered this journey of parenting children with FASD/ASD we are not only concerned for them but for all children and adults who struggle socially. We see the beauty God has given our children and we also witness daily how others often only see the behaviours. As we live with their struggles our concerns increase not only for our children but for all peopled affected by prenatal alcohol exposure, Autism, trauma and attachment disorder. We have learned that FASD can be an invisible disability and that it is suspected that many individuals in Canadian jails have FASD. There is also a number in children in foster care with FASD. Our homeless population is also comprised of many individuals with FASD. FASD often goes undiagnosed but not unpunished. Jean Vanier is an inspiration to me!

Thank you,

Mary Ann


Helen Perry
Adelaide Australia

I work in a Catholic Secondary School in Adelaide, South Australia. It is called Thomas More College. Within the College, there is a Special Education Unit. It caters for teenage boys and girls with an intellectual disability. The students are, wherever possible integrated into the wider school community. Thirty years ago when the school was setting up the Special Education Unit a letter was written to Jean Vanier asking him if the School could use his name for the facility. Of course he said yes and the "Vanier Unit" has been successfully running since then.

I have been working with the students with intellectual disabilities for sixteen years and while there are many challenges it is most rewarding. The students do the same work as the regular students but in a different way. There is always much celebration when the students achieve some small thing.

I think of Jean most days and thank him for letting us use his name and I will do my best to spread knowledge of his works to the staff of the school. It would be wonderful to meet him one day. I wonder if he might write a letter to the students some time in the future.

Thank you. Regards,

Helen Perry

Rumni Saha
United States

Here are two articles I recently wrote after being inspired by Jean Vanier. I will let the articles speak for themselves. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do. And oh- one last thought- my goal in life is to meet Jean Vanier real soon and see the God that I have been seeking all my life.

With all my love and gratitude, Rumni


Carolyn K Davis
Kirkland, Quebec, H9H 4B5, Canada

Dear Jean and Others,

I have lived for nearly 60 years with some degree of depression, at first very severe - but slowly, very slowly improving over all the years. This degree of depression and loneliness have made me look at aspects of ordinary society and culture with a jaundiced eye.For example, I find many, perhaps most, comedians are often offensive in the things they say to make people laugh. And most of their audiences look well on them. What does this say about the general sense of humour in our culture? It contains a lot of harm. Jean has been an inspiration to me. I have often felt so despairing of myself - having such low self-esteem. And often living with such terrible loneliness.

My depression and a few other psychological symptoms were evidently visible to others, and even though I was associating with church people, mainly, I was treated with unkindness.It helped me to know about Jean and that he was there - at Trosly Brueil, carrying on with L'Arche and all the L'Arche people. WONDERFUL! I extrapolated, and told myself that if Jean could champion intellectually impaired people - not only champion them, but love them - then I was not totally alone,either.I see by the headline that you, Jean, have been awarded the Templeton Prize.

Congratulations! Blessings - best wishes to all.

Carolyn Davis.