Advocate for humanity

Jean Vanier, humanist, philosopher, theologian, man of letters is first and foremost described by his companions as a man with heart, a man of compassion. He is a passionate advocate for humanity and truth.

With mother Teresa

Mother Teresa claimed September 1946 as the beginning of her Missionaries of Charity Congregation. She was thirty-six years of age. Jean Vanier began L’Arche in 1964, almost twenty years later. He was thirty-six years old. These were two beautiful human beings who accompanied each other on their respective life-missions, inspired by the Holy One and by the Poor of the world. They were ‘friends in the Spirit.'

By Sue Mosteller

An extraordinary presence

Jean is a humble role model, mentor and friend who inspires through his respectfully loving each person as they are, with their strengths and their weaknesses, and reveals to each his or her own capacity to love.

By Martha Bala

Peace Maker

From Mother Teresa to Pope John Paul II, Jean Vanier's life has been profoundly marked by his encounters with the great peacemakers of the world.

By Jean-Louis Munn