Finding Peace

House of Anansi Press, 2003

One of the deepest human desires, Vanier writes, is our need to live in peace. He asks, “We yearn for peace, but what is it exactly? How do we find it, and how can we bring peace to our lives and our communities?” In this book, Vanier reflects on recent world events, identifying the sources of conflict and fear within and among individuals, communities, and nations that thwart us in our quest for peace. Peace is not just the work of governments or armies or diplomats, he argues, but the task of each one of us. We can all become makers of peace. We can do our part. And though it’s easy to be a lover of peace and much more difficult to be a worker of peace, Vanier shows us that ordinary people, unknown and unrecognized, are transforming our world little by little, finding peace in our neighbourhoods and lighting the way to change.

I Walk with Jesus

Paulist Press International,U.S, 2002

This book is a follow up to the first one, I meet Jesus. It explains more in detail how Jesus invites us to live, to follow him, to be disciples, his friends in today’s world. The book begins with the famous story: two disciples are on their way to Emmaus. They are discouraged when Jesus meets them. He walks with them, and their hearts come alive. This book reveals to us the presence of Jesus as we journey through life. We too may be discouraged and afraid. At times like these, we can take comfort that Jesus is with us.

Seeing Beyond Depression

Paulist Press, 2001

This brief and elegant volume is full of hope. Vanier explores depression as a wounding of the heart that sends individuals into a deep abyss of anguish, apathy, loneliness, and despair. It is an illness we cannot treat ourselves.
When we are depressed, we have to rely on the kindness of others, especially those friends who are in a heart-to-heart relationship with us. Vanier is convinced that it is important to put words to the pain of depression and to have faith in the sun that is shining behind the dark clouds. But perhaps the best medicine is relying upon a network of friends who love and accept us. Vanier concludes: "Depression is a painful reality, a crisis, but at the same time crisis can bring us to greater freedom if we discover how to live with it and how to move towards healing."

The Broken Body: Journey to Wholeness

Darton Longman & Todd Ltd, 1999

The central question asked here is this: How can we discover the source of wholeness, healing and hope amidst a broken and suffering world? Jean Vanier examines the roots of brokenness within the Jewish and Christian traditions and the meaning of the Good News of Jesus for our world. The Broken Body is written for all who wish to follow Jesus on the path to wholeness. Vanier calls the readers to come closer to people who suffer. He offers hope and encouragement, and the assurance that peace and joy can be found but only by first accepting the reality of suffering and the cross in one’s own life and in the lives of others. This book is about the good news: in every parish, in every home, in every heart that welcomes a wounded person, there is the quiet presence of Jesus, consoling, loving, announcing the good news.

I Meet Jesus

Paulist Press, 1998

I meet Jesus. He tells me “I love you”: story of the love of God through the Bible
With simply written text and illustrations, this book tells the story of the Love of God through the Bible. One can stop and spend time with just one picture – one that speaks to the heart and gives peace. Vanier invites us to be part of the family of God in a warm, friendly and prayerful manner.

The Scandal of Service: Jesus Washes Our Feet

novalis, 1998

In this brief meditation, Vanier ponders the many levels of meaning in Jesus' act of washing the feet of his disciples at the Last Supper. In this humble gesture, Vanier finds an attitude of service which Jesus wanted to pass on to his disciples. His prayer and actions from heart reveal a yearning for deep communion with friends. As servant leader, he descends the ladder, rather than ascends, making himself open and vulnerable to others. This is the opposite of society and corporate standards where one seeks to be in power and control. For Vanier, the act of foot washing is a way of following Jesus. It is a moment of graced humility, guiding us into a daily application of the true meaning of our call to Christ like service.