In Weakness Strength

Griffin House, 1969

The spiritual sources of Georges P. Vanier, 19th Governor-General of Canada.
Georges P. Vanier, Jean Vanierís father made a strong impression on his son. After Georgesí death, Jean Vanier wrote this biography encapsulating his fatherís spiritual life. For Georges, love was the ďcentral aspect of human faith and God,Ē and this idea has also been his sonís overarching theological and philosophical basis. In his life, Georges suffered greatly from an amputated leg resulting from a war injury, and in Georgesí biography Jean wrote that pain was the foundation of Georgesí spiritual life. He believed that pain and weakness were the clearest roots to communion with God. Jean Vanier draws inspiration from his fatherís life to articulate the spiritual meaning we feel in pain, dependence and frailty.