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Intercordia Canada

Intercordia Canada is a non-profit organization that partners with Canadian universities in order to offer students a unique, university accredited, engaged-learning experience.

The Mission of Intercordia Canada

The goal of this innovative learning program is to encourage moral responsiveness, develop respect for diversity and a valuing of other cultures, religions and socio-economic backgrounds that will enable Canadian students to attain a well-educated solidarity with others who are different.

Our Statement About Spirituality

Intercordia Canada believes that spirituality is an underlying foundation for the journey towards becoming fully human. Spirituality can guide how a person chooses to live in relation to others and the world around them as they search for, create and celebrate meaning in their lives.

A vibrant faith life is not closed in on itself, nor does it undertake to evangelize others in ways that are disrespectful. Since no single spirituality conveys the totality of the human experience, each personís faith can be enriched through learning and dialogue across difference, and especially through interaction with those who suffer due to marginalization or oppression.

The distress in our world caused by unjust oppression, ethnic and religious hatred, poverty, environmental destruction and personal grief, offers an opportunity for each of us to seek greater understanding of the causes and meaning of suffering. A genuine spirituality thus not only addresses the quest for personal health and wholeness, but also seeks both redemptive meaning and a course of liberating action.

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