Letter of Jean Vanier - August 2013

Since the beginnings of LíArche (August 1964), Jean Vanier has always wanted to communicate what he was living, wishing to create a network of friendship and fraternity, focused on those who are most marginalized in our societies Ė people living with an intellectual disability.†† Through circular letters, he also wanted to thank those who generously supported him in the adventure of LíArche.

Extracts from Jean Vanierís letter:

50 years of LíArche

"I still canít believe it. Those crazy, crazy beginnings with Raphael and Philippe in the dilapidated house in Trosly. No plans for the future, only to love each person and each day as it comes. Welcoming each new event and reacting to it hopefully with a little wisdom and common sense."

Culture of meetings

"Pope Francis (what a gift he is) has mentioned a number of times the importance of a culture of meetings. I feel that this is the heart of all my talks and my life: to meet Jesus, to meet people and to see each one as a gift of God."

A sign of peace

"Where is hope in our broken world? Isnít it in little communities which open their hearts to the weak and the rejected? Those who are weak awaken the hearts of the strong, and the strong give security to the weak. Together we can become a sign of unity and of peace."