Letter of Jean Vanier

Since the beginnings of L’Arche (August 1964), Jean Vanier has always wanted to communicate what he was living, wishing to create a network of friendship and fraternity, focused on those who are most marginalized in our societies – people living with an intellectual disability.   Through circular letters, he also wanted to thank those who generously supported him in the adventure of L’Arche.

Extract from his letter: 

Benedict XVI’s resignation was a shock, 

a surprise and at the same time a sign of his wisdom and inner freedom. I have to confess that this gesture of his touched me even more because I had met him in person last November. As I said in my last letter, he came across as a man of such humility and transparence, that same deep humility with which he had first welcomed the mission entrusted him by the Cardinals.

Who would take his place, after his departure? Everyone had their own ideas. But yet again, a surprise was in store for us! I did not know the name announced at the time of the new Pope’s election, but as soon as I heard the name that he had chosen - Francis - what joy! Unbounded joy! For him to take Francis of Assisi as the vision for his pontificate came out of the blue, as a wonderful surprise.