24 Hours for World Peace

Ruth Patterson and Jean Vanier, as guest speakers, had delivered their message of hope at the opening of the online vigil : 24 Hours for World Peace

Message from Jean Vanier

Peace. Peace. Aung San Suu Kyi says that, “The greatest danger for peace is fear.” I would even say that the greatest danger for every human person is “to be controlled by fear.“

A few years ago I went for Faith & Light to a country in Latin America. Faith & Light is a worldwide movement through which people with learning disabilities, their friends and families, find support and friendship. I arrived at the airport and was picked up by a man named Dennis, who drove me to the capital. On the way, he said “Here on the left are all the slum areas; on the right are all the houses of the rich people protected by police and military.” And then he added, “Nobody crosses the road. Nobody crosses the road. Everybody is frightened…” Read more and view the video

Message from Ruth Patterson

My name is Ruth Patterson. I live and work in Northern Ireland. For those of my generation, our adult lives have been shaped and moulded by a thirty year conflict and its aftermath. Now fifteen years into our still rather fragile peace process, there is one thing of which I am certain, namely that to have any sort of authentic or fruitful participation in peace-making, I must, in myself, be a person of peace. Read more and view the video

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