Pauline came to L'Arche in 1973 at the age of 40. She was hemiplegic, epileptic, and had one arm and one leg which were paralyzed. Her body was for her a source of disgrace. 40 years of humiliations. During her first years at L'Arche Pauline was filled with rage and violence. One could understand her violence - for years she had been considered worthless, so-called 'feebleminded' or 'retarded'. She had been excluded at school, and elsewhere generally did not have the right to speak or to express her desires.

Patrick Mathias

"Patrick Mathias was our psychiatrist for the last 25 years (at l’Arche Trosly). He died suddenly in 2007 after a heart attack. Patrick was in fact more than a psychiatrist for us; he was a friend. Whenever one of our people was in deep pain, he brought new light. He was a man of amazing goodness, understanding what it means to be human. He had such a capacity to give life and consolation…"